The thoughts of a small field mouse

I’m just a little field mouse,
Nibbling on some lunch.
I’m awfully fond of sunflower seeds,
I like the way they crunch.

My mama brought me up well,
I’m always fresh and neat.
My eyes are bright, my nose is clean,
I always wipe my feet.

You humans think you’re special.
The world bends to your demands.
But have you ever noticed
I’ve such perfect little hands?


This beautiful little field mouse has been coming by to nibble on sunflower seeds that we put out for the cardinals and other birds. We managed to capture some great close-up video.

Mice are not the world’s most well-loved creatures, by they (and their cousins, rats) need a better public relations company. They are clever, interesting, and – for want of a better word – cute. Look at this little one’s hands when s/he holds the seeds to eat them. It’s impossible to see hands like this and not think of the many things that we mammals have in common.

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