The tale of the brave raccoon cub

This video tells a story that’s so extraordinary it’s hard to believe.

Early one morning a mama raccoon heading home for the day with her cubs mislaid a straggler. We heard it crying and were watching anxiously for mama to come back, which, to our relief, she did. But she must have been sick of dealing with weeping babies (or perhaps drunk?) and instead of rejoining the rest of the family she carried the cub over a pile of brush into a fox den and then panicked and left it there. What was she thinking?

All we could do was watch in utter horror. The fox den is completely encircled by cedar brush to protect it from coyotes and that also effectively protects it from us. We couldn’t stage a rescue.

The foxes were not at all pleased to be saddled with a tiny raccoon and it seemed clear they would kill her, but – as you can tell from the title of this video – that’s not what happened.

Watch and be amazed. We think this baby raccoon is the smartest, bravest, most intrepid little critter in the world.



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