Skunks: Kings of the jungle!

Skunks are tiny creatures – about half the size of the average domestic cat – but don’t try to convince them of that, it won’t work. The skunks around here believe that they are huge and fearsome predators. They rule the roost! Kings and queens of the jungle!

Every night we watch the skunks in our backyard chasing the bigger critters around. Sometimes they’ll happily share a water bowl, but sometimes they’re not in the mood and they’ll go after animals many times their size. We’ve seen them run off coyotes, foxes, raccoons and – as we show in this video – deer. They are an endless source of amusement for us and frustration for everyone else.

As Dan says in the narration, they never bother us. They hardly even seem to see us. They’ll toddle up onto the deck and walk right between our feet as we sit with a glass of wine. We are apparently insignificant, and they see no point in getting cranky with us.



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