Ringtail romance with a surprise ending

This is one of our favorites, and we’re republishing it now with some improvements to the video.


Two ringtails moved into one of our larger bird boxes one day and stayed a for a marathon snugglefest – there was some “birds and the bees” action too, but mainly they snuggled. It all seemed uncharacteristically sweet for critters who are famed for their ability to crunch down whole rats in a matter of minutes (take a look at https://texasbackyardwildlife.com/ringtail-eating-a-rat-yes-its-totally-gross-2).

Ringtails are nocturnal so we were surprised to see that they were still there at 11:30 PM on an April night; they should have been out hunting. We won’t give away what finally got them motivated to vacate the premises and take off for the night but it was pretty amazing.



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