Raccoon family in the hollow log den

One of our mama raccoons moved her 5 pups into the hollow log den in early June 2020. They stayed for nearly a week and then moved to the West Den, which is a little more spacious. We were thoroughly entertained by watching them, and we hope you will be, too.

The mother went out each night and also sometimes during the day (it was pretty crowded in the log, and we sympathized with her desire for some peace and quiet). Most of the time, though, she was in the log with the pups, nursing them, nibbling on them, and keeping them neat and clean. Like all the raccoon families we’ve been lucky enough to be able to watch, they were playful, happy looking, and endlessly patient with each other.

The log can you see in this video is our newest den. It was created out of a big dead live oak tree that was donated (and delivered by front-end loader!) by our neighbors Don and Beth. Even though it was hollow it weighed a ton and it was quite a challenge to get it from their place to ours.  The raccoons think it’s fabulous.  So do we.



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