Mama Deer vs the coyotes: A fight for the fawns

Could a white-tailed deer kill a coyote?

One of our Texas Backyard Wildlife friends asked us that question when she saw this video. We don’t know the answer, but it’s very clear that Mama Deer wanted to kill the coyotes who came after her fawns on this otherwise peaceful June morning. And if she’d been able to catch up with one, well, who knows?

We’ve seen a fawn outrun coyotes many times. By the time they’re about a month old fawns can run like the wind. But when there’s more than one coyote in pursuit the coyotes will strategize – one will give chase and the other will intercept the fleeing fawn – and its chances of survival are slim.

Happily (for us and the deer) Mama and her family won this round. The fawns survived the attack and the coyotes headed off west down the dry creek to try their luck elsewhere.



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