Lion Tail: The world’s sweetest raccoon

This is the story of one of our favorite raccoons, Lion Tail. He lived with us here during the spring and summer of 2022, and we became very good friends.

We called him Lion Tail because he had a tuft of fur at the tip of his tail that was somewhat lion-like. Nothing else about Lion Tail was at all lion-like, as you’ll see if you watch the video.

Lion Tail and I would meet on the deck in the morning when I went out to empty the raccoons’ pool and put in fresh water. He was very fond of blueberries, and walnuts, and we would have a little breakfast together before he retired under the deck to sleep for the day. We would meet again in the evening.

Sometimes he would spend the day up in an “owl” box that we call the Hobbit box. (I say “owl”, because although Dan built it for owls but has only ever housed squirrels or raccoons.) It’s up in a big live oak tree, about 25 ft off the ground. Getting in and out was always a struggle for Lion Tail because he had a pretty ample butt and the Hobbit box hole was a tight fit. We used to watch and giggle as he forced his way in – all flailing legs and fluffy tail.

In August a mama raccoon with 4 little ones moved her family from the magic tree den to the deck. Lion Tail tried to make friends, and the kits thought he was fun, but the mama didn’t like him much. In the end he got sick of her grumbling and dirty looks and he left, just packed his bags and left. And that was that.

We still miss him.



    1. Lion Tail was such a good friend – we really miss him. However, we’ve made friends over the years with many other raccoons and we feel very lucky. Raccoons are smart and interesting, and they seem to have a sense of humor. We love living around them. Here’s a link to a short on our YouTube channel that you might also enjoy:


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