Just like falling off a log: A tired gray fox kit 

During the late spring of 2023 a gray fox family with just one kit moved into one of our dens and we were able to spy on them with our cameras. The parents were Dolly and Broken Ear, and we named the little one Frances. They were an absolute joy to watch.

Because Frances had no brothers and sisters, Dolly stepped into the role of playmate, and she would spend hours romping with her little one. Gray fox parents are usually quite business-like and pragmatic when it comes to kit-raising, but Dolly and Broken Ear clearly understood that their lone youngster needed company and stimulation, and they were much more present and playful than is usual for adult foxes.

We will be publishing the story of Dolly, Broken Ear, and Frances in a series of videos over the next month or so, but in the meantime, we’ll upload some shorts showing some of our favorite moments.



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