Bunnies in the backyard: Eastern cottontail rabbits

We rarely see rabbits in person, but our cameras record them quite frequently as they bounce along the trails in the early morning and late afternoon. We love seeing them and wish there were more around.

The foxes occasionally catch rabbits, which may explain why we have relatively few of them. We are always pleased to see that a fox has found some dinner but we’re also very sad for the rabbit. Life is complicated.

We’ve read that Eastern cottontail rabbits are territorial, and that might explain one of the clips we’ve included in this video. It shows a bunny chasing a skunk down at the water bowl. No one chases the skunks, not even the coyotes dare to upset them! However, this little rabbit seemed intent on showing the skunk who was boss and the skunk was in no mood to argue; it dodged the charging rabbit and waddled hastily off down the trail.



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