The Transformer: A great horned owl does a super-stretch

Before they fly off to go hunting in the evening, great horned owls often preen themselves and stretch. This owl almost turned himself inside out.

The big owls haven’t been visiting us much lately, and they’ve only occasionally been using the perch you see in this video; this clip is a couple of years old. But we noticed that we hadn’t published it – it was languishing in our archives – and we think it’s fascinating. Better late than never.



  1. Your videos are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. You get some fantastic shots of animals doing their thing, be it mating, sleeping, or sitting and staring. I am addicted to your website. Though I am a city dweller now, I have lived in the country for large portions of my life. Your videos take me back to those days where every day there was some new animal event.

    1. Thank you, Norma! We are very grateful to you for writing to let us know you’re enjoying the site. People like you are the reason we publish our videos. Do you ever watch the live-stream? We have a fox family (3 kits) up on it at the moment, and they are fun to watch. The live-stream is here:

      It’s so interesting that you say “every day there was some new animal event”. That’s exactly how Dan and I feel. Every day we are surprised by something. And every day we are amused and delighted. We have a mama raccoon living under the deck at the moment and I just went out with a handful of blueberries to make friends with her (she had one of her little ones up on the deck with her I wanted to say hello). The mama walked up and sniffed at the blueberries, looked up at me as if to say “Are you sure?”, and then took one. She chewed for a couple of seconds and then carefully spat it back out in my hand! Too funny. I tossed a few at the little one, and she amused herself by rolling them around until they fell through the cracks. So much for The Great Blueberry Experiment of 2024.


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