Mama Deer vs the coyotes: A close call for one of the fawns

In early June this year, when our Mama Deer’s 2 fawns were 3 weeks old, they survived a daylight coyote attack. Mama chased the coyotes off and they left hungry. You can watch that story here or on our website at

We are visited by coyotes most nights and the other animals know to be wary of them. The coyotes use the dry creek as an east-west highway. Usually, they pass through the yard and then carry on. On 25 August, though, just before midnight, a coyote encountered a fawn just outside our creek gate and this time around it was a very close call.

The fawns were born on 16 May, so by late August they were over 3 months old. Mama had cut them loose somewhat and they weren’t always by her side. When the coyote attacked, Mama was grazing in the backyard, about 100 ft / 30 m away, but she heard the commotion and raced to the rescue.

The fawn suffered a deep bite to the right thigh but survived and has recovered well. The coyote, once again, left hungry.



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