Great horned owl in stealth fighter mode: "Get out of my territory!"

March 26, 2021

We can almost hear the story the fox told her friends and family: “There I was, minding my own business, just mozeying along the creek bed, and WHAM, out of nowhere I was hit by something huge. HUGE! Might have been an airplane. Or a pterodactyl. It was really, really big.”

Our resident great horned owls became ultra territorial for a few weeks in mid-winter; anyone found wandering along in THEIR creek bed was trespassing and in serious trouble. Their main victims were the foxes, who had a rough time of it, but they also hit a passing raccoon. We hope it wasn’t the same raccoon who got nailed up on the nesting platform in the live oak a couple of times – she might be starting to take it personally.