Great horned owl in stealth fighter mode: “Get out of my territory!”

We can almost hear the story the fox told her friends and family: “There I was, minding my own business, just mozeying along the creek bed, and WHAM, out of nowhere I was hit by something huge. HUGE! Might have been an airplane. Or a pterodactyl. It was really, really big.”

Our resident great horned owls became ultra territorial for a few weeks in mid-winter; anyone found wandering along in THEIR creek bed was trespassing and in serious trouble. Their main victims were the foxes, who had a rough time of it, but they also hit a passing raccoon. We hope it wasn’t the same raccoon who got nailed up on the nesting platform in the live oak a couple of times – she might be starting to take it personally.



  1. We have very similar situation here in Texas Hill Country in Kendall Co. About 3 yrs ago, a Mama fox crawled out of our woodpile. It was daylight and she blended in well with the wood so I did a double take! She was followed by 3 babies after she had scanned for predetors. They returned for many days.
    Now we see 2-3 same foxes nightly who we believe are descendants. They are beautiful in coloration and we feel honored to have them.

    1. You are so lucky to have seen them, Martha. Aren’t they lovely animals? We had a fox family on our live stream for 2 weeks but they moved on Saturday and we miss them enormously. We hope they’ll come back.


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