An armadillo vs two coyotes: “Come back here, you cowards!”

Apologies for all the Monty Python references. Life here at TBW can be a little Holy Grail-ish at times and I can’t resist.

In this video we meet a 9-banded armadillo with a clear case of body dysmorphic syndrome. He (or she, we don’t know the sex of this little beauty) obviously thinks he is HUGE, FEARSOME, and KING OF THE JUNGLE – or something like that.

For the record, he’s not; he’s probably 24’’/60 cm nose to tail-tip and weighs maybe 12 – 15 lbs (5 or 6 kgs). 

Two young coyotes who came snooping around near the armadillo’s burrow one night didn’t know what they were up against. First, they seemed curious, then a little alarmed, and finally one decided that armadillos were too weird to hang out with and turned to leave. The armadillo gave chase and coyote #1 ran, with the armadillo hot on his tail. Coyote #2 followed. 

They all disappeared into the darkness beyond the water bowl and that was the end of the excitement. 

The next morning I searched diligently for the remains of one over-confident armadillo, but there was no sign of carnage, and that night our armadillo friend was back in his burrow.



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