A deer, a rabbit, and 2 raccoons: Interspecies silliness

We often wonder what the different species think of one another. Do raccoons think that rabbits are cute? Or do they think their tails are pointlessly small? Do the foxes think that armadillos are bizarre? Do the deer think the skunks are irritating? (To be fair, the skunks can actually be pretty irritating – we’ve seen one repeated charge a big buck who was lying out in the field minding his own business; what did the skunk want? Who knows?)

We see the different species interact all the time – they use the same water bowls and travel on the same trails – and their responses often surprise us. We’ve witnessed cautious respect between coyotes and raccoons, playfulness between foxes and deer, and open curiosity between raccoons and skunks (the raccoons are curious, the skunks are indifferent).

In this little video, we focus on a white-tailed doe who was resting – or trying to – in the yard outside the kitchen. First, she was disturbed by a rabbit, who gleefully ran rings around her, and then by two young raccoons who wanted to play. What’s a girl gotta do to get some peace and quiet around here?



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