Coral snakes in the underground tree stump den

These two coral snakes seem to be just passing through the underground tree stump den. They were about 18″ long and quite beautiful.

Coral snake venom is lethal, but apparently the snakes are quite docile and don’t bite very effectively. Still, knowing that they’re there will make us careful.



  1. Wow thanks! We live right behind you across the creek. 6501 Fair Valley Trail. Your wife met my boyfriend a few years ago, by accident. He was out in the creek playing with a drone his mom sent him and he crashed it into a tree on your property. I guess the camera went off and she came out to ask him what he was doing 😂 anyway last year, my nextdoor neighbor, Ami, said she talked to y’all and told me about your website. I’ve been checking it out when I can remember we and have shared it with some friends. Love it! PS My boyfriend is a snake expert, if you ever have any snake questions. He is always willing to help people relocate snakes if needed. We of course, do not believe in killing any snakes ❤️ Thanks again for sharing the website and it’s so cool knowing all that wildlife is right here in our backyard. I’ve lived in the house for 4 years, and before I moved in, my mother lived here for almost 20.
    Valerie Fremin

    1. Hi Valerie –

      Thank you so much for getting in touch. We remember your boyfriend and the errant drone. Drones can be hard to control (though they are a lot of fun!).

      We don’t kill snakes either. We think they are beautiful and fascinating – and we have a deal with the poisonous ones: you leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone. Seems to work out just fine. If we ever need a snake specialist, we’ll definitely be in touch and, in the meantime, if you or your boyfriend see errors in any of our (very few) snake posts, we’d love to hear from you.



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